I was struggling hard. I didn’t know where to turn. I knew I had to do something to get my finances back on track, but I really had no idea what to do. My cousin told me about and so I took a few moments to sit through the crash course on their website. Not only did I learn about the benefits of seasoned tradelines, but I also began to understand exactly what I needed to do to get the important things done.

The experts at 30 Day TradeLines me on the details of my credit situation, as well as on my improvement options and my various funding choices. They always recommended that I practiced due diligence when making financial decisions, and I never felt rushed, sold, or pressured. When a question popped into my head I used the Live Chat option on the website and spoke directly with someone who could give me the answers I needed. Today, my finances are right where I want them to be and I give full credit to just like they did for me.

Mike B

Pastor David Johnson is an Avid Fan of He has gone from a 580 Scores into the High 700s under 5 Weeks. He’s a Restaurant Owner in North Carolina and gave him the ability to sign on his Business Loans and get Approved for Business Financing. He got 6 Major Credit Card Approvals, Amex, Citi, Barclays, Chase, and various Credit Unions totaling over $75,000 in Approvals on a few Credit Cards alone. He purchased the Platinum Package for $4,500 and it was a Life-Chancing Investment for him. He loves because we they are systematic and organized. They show you when Tradelines post to your Credit and send you PROOF. They continue to do Tri-Merges to show you your Constantly-Improving Credit Scores. He recommends to anyone looking to increase their Credit Scores FAST.

Steven S

One of my friend Willis started with Low Scores in the 500s and had a hard time getting Financing, then tried a few other Credit Repair Companies but it did not really work, until he found and added Seasoned Tradelines for FREE. Citibank, Discover, Walmart, plus others, increasing his Credit Scores over 200 Points PER BUREAU, allowing him to buy a brand new Car for his Daughter at 2.9% APR

Rosa G

I was unaware of the importance of my credit rating. In fact, I was under the assumption that simply paying my bills on time and not maxing out my credit cards was enough to attain or maintain bragging rights to a good score. Boy, was I ever mistaken. It really wasn’t until I started working with that I found out exactly where I stood.

Their comprehensive credit situation analysis really showed me exactly how I was being seen by lenders and creditors around the world. gave me access to all three of the big name credit bureaus and soon I was able to recognize my mistakes. Because of that strong foundation of knowledge I gained through that credit analysis, I was able to make big changes in my life. I’d recommend at least visiting the website for more info, since you never quite know where you stand until you look at your feet.

Scott H

Sal, thanks for your honesty this morning in discussing my situation…I appreciate the fact that not only did you give me good advice, you also directed me to a solution….I look forward to working with in the next 90 days.

Max B

Robert was an excellent person to work. He really assisted me and walked me through the process of becoming an affiliate. I appreciate working with people who know what they are doing and do a super job. I would highly recommend

Lawrence Z is great. They added three tradelines to my credit. It took less than a month. Great customer service!

Albert W

30daytradelines, I wanted to let you know I close on my house Monday. Thanks for all your help!

Tom H

I have been working with since 2011. Glad to be partnered with a great company!

Sunny S

I bought 4 tradelines and increased my credit score 187 points in one month, I got approved for $70,000 thanks Sal.